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IDEO la mundialmente admirada empresa que trajo al mundo por ejemplo el "mouse" de Apple.
Revela sus secretos de como desarrollar una cultura y procesos de innovación contínua.
In The Art of
Innovation, Tom Kelley, general manager of the Silicon Valley based design firm IDEO, takes readers behind the scenes of this wildly imaginative and energized company to reveal the strategies and secrets it uses to turn out hit after hit
IDEO doesn't buy into the myth of the lone genius working away in isolation, waiting for great ideas to strike
Kelley believes everyone can be creative, and the goal at his firm is to tap into that wellspring of creativity in order to make innovation a way of life
IDEO fosters an atmosphere conducive to freely expressing ideas, breaking the rules, and freeing people to design their own work environments
IDEO has created an intense, quick-turnaround, brainstorm-and-build process dubbed "the Deep Dive.

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The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelly & Jonathan Littman
In four out of the six semesters in the MBA program at IIT, you can take that there is a paper on Innovation. In the remaining 2 semesters the
word innovation directly does not figure in the title of the management paper. However you can take it that atleast one of the paper would deal with innovation in good measure.
Today’s management programs give so much emphasis on this word INNOVATION, they drive it in the student so much, the word gets into ones bloodstream. True and why not, because believe you me, the next level of growth in saturated business atmosphere is not by anything else but by either incremental or breakthrough INNOVATION.
The Art of Innovation written by Tom Kelley with Jonathan Littman is a lesson in creativity by the authors. It is a compilation of the work done by their team over the years at IDEO Labs.
Before the review, Ideo is the world’s leading design consultancy specialising in product development and innovation. The structure of the organisation itself is a learning process for the reader (open office) which fosters creativity and innovation.
Unlike many authors Kelley & Littman have been good to attribute their book to the multitude of IDEO contributors who helped create their final product.
Each of the 15 chapters of the book is a revelation. With innovation as the key in each chapter the pervasiveness of the word is felt when he deals with the first chapter Innovation at the top. The question as to who should foster innovation is clearly explained. Drive from top, middle, down is one portion. From wherever it is driven it should be pervasive and moreso the Top management is to take special efforts to drive the culture down to the last man. Numerous in fact multitude of examples being portrayed makes the book an interesting read. Every page is loaded with examples and each of the innovation is clearly spelt as to how it was handled.
A problem statement, search not only for a direct solution from so many lateral environments and allied industries and bring out a curious solution that suits to work and remain sustainable makes each example standout.
In the chapter two that constitute Innovation in the Start up mode the beauty of the writing is the way they dealt with it. Each start up except for capital which is most important they have every thing in zest, zeal, spirit, go-getting attitude, aptitude to win but market although recognises each one of this capital is key. It clearly brings out how to operate innovatively in circumstances of where capital is a choke point.
For all the smooth flow in writing which serves as a key lesson in the book, the authors are cautious enough to insert a special chapter titled “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”. We might all want to bring out something new but in this chapter I would request the reader to go a bit slow to imbibe its contents. Scores of examples in this state that they start at one thing and the result is an absolute tangent. So expect the unexpected. If the result has a market then you are lucky else and else if acts needs to be in place when you are constantly at it in the business to innovate.
Clear delinking of incremental and breakthrough innovations is specified.
Innovation is not a one man’s job a separate chapter. Gone are the days of Einstein and Newton working frenzily in their labs to create out of the box solutions. Today’s business is teams and teams only. Hence if you got to innovate bring the team in first and brainstorm. The chapter deals with methods of brainstorming and how a manager to handle the team during a brainstorming session. Above all, the team must inculcate an EYE for innovation. This EYE for innovation is basically the culture of the organisation. Identifying the problem statement is the key. Many organisations just go with the flow and the routine becomes so much used to stuff for all that the EYE for innovation is just lost in the melee or rigmarole of daily working.
The EYE for innovation starts with the top

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IDEO is a great company, but most importantly it is a great place to work at. Happy employees is what makes a great company. This book covers every aspect of how innovation fosters.

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A very good book, but it's still a "management feel-good" book, that any manager can pick-up at the airport and read through a flight feeling that he has the tool-kit that he needs to turn things around... As with all these books you only hear about the success stories...

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Conta a história da IDEO e sua forma de trabalho. Mostra vários casos. Também usa heurística,porém dá destaque para as fases de divergência e convergência. Autodenominam o processo de "Deep Dive". Acho que o destaque deste livro, além do processo, é a cultura IDEO: para ter boas idéias, devemos pensar de forma coletiva, em times multi-funcionais, onde adiar o julgamento, aceitar "wild ideas" e criar um ambiente agradável de trabalho. Coooool! 

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A good introduction to design thinking and its application in a business innovation context, but very focussed on IDEO's experiences and case studies (not surprisingly, but it does limit the scope of the book). Read full review

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